Schedule & Results, Kingston Canadians Series - Novice and Atom AA/A, 2018-2019 (Kingston Area Minor Hockey Association)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, October 12, 2018
Pool A110:00 AMC70 Kingston Canadians0-6Nepean Raiders
Pool D210:30 AMKin Nepean Raiders2-2Kingston Canadians Novice AA
Pool B310:30 AMSwish TNT Tornados1-5Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
Pool A411:00 AMC70 Whitby Wildcats1-4Caledon Hawks
Pool D511:00 AMFL AMHA Novice AA 20181-6Guelph Jr Gryphons
Pool C611:30 AMSelkirk Pickering Panthers0-8Ottawa Sting
Pool B711:30 AMSwish Milton Winterhawks6-2VAUGHAN RANGERS NOVICE RED
Pool A811:30 AMKin Innisfil Winterhawks4-0Kingston Canadians
Pool C1012:00 PMFL Brampton 45's3-5Flamborough Sabres
Pool A912:00 PMC70 Barrie Colts3-7Stouffville Clippers
Pool A1112:30 PMSwish Oakville Rangers AE0-7Nepean Raiders Raiders
Pool A1212:30 PMSelkirk Barrie Colts0-5Cambridge Hawks Major Atom A
Pool A131:00 PMKT Osgoode Richmond Romans1-7Waterloo Novice Gold
Pool A141:00 PMFL Brampton 45's1-4Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
Pool C151:00 PMC70 Erindale Spitfires 2008 A0-0Kingston Canadians
Pool B161:30 PMSelkirk Nepean Raiders Team Black1-4Frontenac Flyers Atom Rep
Pool A171:30 PMSwish Ottawa West Golden Knights0-2Peterborough Petes
Pool D182:00 PMKT Guelph Jr Gryphons2-2Nepean Raiders
Pool A192:00 PMFL Nepean Raiders0-4Ottawa Sting
Pool C202:00 PMC70 Newmarket Redman2-7Erin Hillsburgh Devils
Pool B212:30 PMKin TNT Tornados3-3Milton Winterhawks
Pool B222:30 PMSwish Ottawa Valley Silver Seven6-3VAUGHAN RANGERS NOVICE RED
Pool B232:30 PMSelkirk Whitby Atom A White3-0Innisfil Winterhawks
Pool A243:00 PMC70 Whitby Wildcats3-0Barrie Colts
Pool C253:00 PMFL Ottawa Sting5-2Flamborough Sabres
Pool A263:00 PMKT Caledon Hawks3-2Stouffville Clippers
Pool D273:30 PMSwish AMHA Novice AA 20182-2Kingston Canadians Novice AA
Pool A283:30 PMSelkirk Nepean Raiders Raiders4-5Innisfil Winterhawks
Pool A294:00 PMFL Kingston Canadians1-8Stittsville RAMS
Pool B304:30 PMSelkirk Frontenac Flyers Atom Rep4-3GOB Blues
Pool C314:30 PMSwish Kingston Canadians2-2Leitrim Hawks
Pool A325:00 PMFL Cambridge Hawks Major Atom A5-1osgoode richmond romans
Pool A335:30 PMSelkirk Ottawa Valley Silver Seven2-0Kingston Canadians
Pool A345:30 PMSwish Peterborough Petes0-0Barrie Colts
Pool B356:00 PMFL Innisfil Winterhawks4-1Nepean Raiders Team Black
Pool A366:30 PMSelkirk Waterloo Novice Gold11-0Oakville Rangers AE
Pool C376:30 PMSwish Erin Hillsburgh Devils9-0Erindale Spitfires 2008 A
Pool A387:00 PMFL Ottawa Sting2-0Brampton 45's
Pool C397:30 PMSwish Pickering Panthers6-1Brampton 45's
Pool A407:30 PMSelkirk Stittsville RAMS9-0Osgoode Richmond Romans
Pool C418:00 PMFL Leitrim Hawks5-2Newmarket Redman
Pool A428:30 PMSelkirk osgoode richmond romans2-2Ottawa West Golden Knights
Pool B438:30 PMSwish GOB Blues1-2Whitby Atom A White
Saturday, October 13, 2018
Pool A448:00 AMFL Stouffville Clippers2-2Whitby Wildcats
Pool B458:30 AMSwish Milton Winterhawks4-4Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
Pool A468:30 AMSelkirk Ottawa West Golden Knights1-1Barrie Colts
Pool A479:00 AMFL Barrie Colts1-5Caledon Hawks
Pool A499:30 AMSelkirk Peterborough Petes0-5Cambridge Hawks Major Atom A
Pool A5010:00 AMFL Brampton 45's1-5Kingston Canadians
Pool C5110:30 AMSelkirk Newmarket Redman8-0Erindale Spitfires 2008 A
Pool B5210:30 AMSwish Whitby Atom A White4-0Nepean Raiders Team Black
Pool A5311:00 AMFL Ottawa Valley Silver Seven1-4Nepean Raiders
Pool A5411:30 AMSelkirk Oakville Rangers AE2-9Innisfil Winterhawks
Pool B5511:30 AMSwish Innisfil Winterhawks1-1Frontenac Flyers Atom Rep
Pool A5612:00 PMFL Kingston Canadians5-4Osgoode Richmond Romans
Pool D5712:30 PMSelkirk Nepean Raiders3-1AMHA Novice AA 2018
Pool D5812:30 PMSwish Kingston Canadians Novice AA2-0Guelph Jr Gryphons
Pool A591:00 PMFL Waterloo Novice Gold3-0Nepean Raiders Raiders
Pool C601:30 PMSelkirk Flamborough Sabres3-1Pickering Panthers
Pool A611:30 PMSwish Barrie Colts2-2osgoode richmond romans
Pool C622:00 PMFL Brampton 45's1-9Ottawa Sting
Pool C632:00 PMLeons Erin Hillsburgh Devils8-1Kingston Canadians
Pool A642:30 PMSwish Innisfil Winterhawks1-2Stittsville RAMS
Pool A652:30 PMSelkirk Cambridge Hawks Major Atom A2-1Ottawa West Golden Knights
Pool A663:00 PMFL Kingston Canadians0-3Ottawa Sting
Pool B673:00 PMLeons Frontenac Flyers Atom Rep1-6Whitby Atom A White
Pool B683:30 PMSwish Nepean Raiders Team Black2-5GOB Blues
Pool C693:30 PMSelkirk Erindale Spitfires 2008 A2-6Leitrim Hawks
Pool A704:00 PMLeons Osgoode Richmond Romans5-0Oakville Rangers AE
Pool A714:00 PMFL Nepean Raiders2-0Brampton 45's
Pool A724:30 PMSelkirk osgoode richmond romans7-3Peterborough Petes
Pool A (XOVER)735:00 PMLeons Milton Winterhawks2-1Whitby Wildcats
Pool A745:00 PMFL Nepean Raiders Raiders4-1Kingston Canadians
Pool B (XOVER)755:30 PMSwish Caledon Hawks8-1TNT Tornados
Pool A765:30 PMSelkirk Stittsville RAMS3-4Waterloo Novice Gold
Pool B (XOVER)776:00 PMLeons Stouffville Clippers1-3VAUGHAN RANGERS NOVICE RED
Pool A (XOVER)786:00 PMFL Ottawa Valley Silver Seven7-1Barrie Colts
Pool C (XOVER)796:30 PMSelkirk Kingston Canadians Novice AA10-0Brampton 45's
Pool D (XOVER)806:30 PMSwish Flamborough Sabres2-5Guelph Jr Gryphons
Pool D (XOVER)817:00 PMFL Ottawa Sting6-2AMHA Novice AA 2018
Pool C (XOVER)827:30 PMSelkirk Nepean Raiders9-0Pickering Panthers
Pool B837:30 PMSwish GOB Blues1-3Innisfil Winterhawks
Pool A848:00 PMFL Ottawa Sting0-3Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
Pool C858:30 PMSelkirk Leitrim Hawks1-5Erin Hillsburgh Devils
Pool C868:30 PMSwish Kingston Canadians2-5Newmarket Redman
Sunday, October 14, 2018
Semi879:00 AMFL Nepean Raiders Raiders2-5Waterloo Novice Gold
Semi889:30 AMSwish Innisfil Winterhawks2-3Stittsville RAMS
Semi8910:15 AMFL Ottawa Valley Silver Seven3-2Caledon Hawks
Semi9010:45 AMSwish Kingston Canadians Novice AA0-2Ottawa Sting
Semi9111:30 AMFL Kingston Canadians2-3Ottawa Sting
Semi9212:00 PMSwish Ottawa Valley Silver Seven3-0Nepean Raiders
Semi9312:45 PMFL Whitby Atom A White0-1Cambridge Hawks Major Atom A
Semi941:15 PMSwish Innisfil Winterhawks0-4Erin Hillsburgh Devils
Final952:00 PMFL Stittsville RAMS1-2Waterloo Novice Gold
Final962:30 PMSwish Ottawa Sting4-5Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
Final973:30 PMFL Ottawa Valley Silver Seven3-6Ottawa Sting
Final984:00 PMSwish Erin Hillsburgh Devils1-5Cambridge Hawks Major Atom A
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