U9 Development Program (Kingston Area Minor Hockey Association)

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Effective 2021-22, amendments to OHF Playing Regulations resulted in the elimination of all competitive (Representative) categories at U9. The implementation of this decision was deferred for one season. Therefore, effective the 2022-23 season, the only categories permitted at U9 will be House League (HL), Local League (LL) and Minor Development (MD).

The U9 group must follow the OHF U9 Pathway Model (https://www.ohf.on.ca/players/player-pathways/u9-player-pathway), where teams will start with 4on4 half-ice games and transition to full ice games on January 15th or later.

Before the switch over to full ice games on January 15th, the teams will be permitted to play ½ ice games. These games are not limited to play teams in your own category. Therefore, using knowledge from our past experience, not only will we have ½ games with other Lakeshore teams but we will look to develop a more local loop of half- ice games that will cut down on travel and costs to our members.

The Lakeshore group will again have a final weekend tournament/Jamboree to close out the season for all participants.

Here is a quick overview of our U9MD program:

There will be some skills sessions that will be run by RELM Sports throughout the season

MD coaches will be mentored and supported throughout the season by Ryan Thompson (RELM Sports) and David Kerr (Director of Coach Development)

Prep/Evaluation & Development Phase (up to 4 weeks):


Prep Phase: will start TBD for a maximum duration of 6 days

Evaluation Phase: Will start TBD over a period a couple of weekends (minimum of 3 formal evaluations/selection section sessions)

Development Phase half-ice (up to 8 weeks)

To start after team selections

Practice to game ratio 3:1 – Three practices to 1 game played

Focus on skill development

Fun and safe environment to promote self-confidence

Maximum of 6 half ice games played – Scores and standings will not be kept

Regular Season half-ice (up to 14 weeks)

Practice to game ratio 2:1 – Two practices to one game played

Continued focus on skill development

Maximum of 22 half-ice games played – Scores and standings will not be kept

1 Jamboree allowed

End of season Phase Transition to full-ice games (up to 6 weeks)

At this point we will go back to playing in our lakeshore league

Reinforce skill-development elements in practices

Maximum of 8 games.

U9 players will transition to full-ice January 15th or later

There are no playoffs in U9 Hockey

Importance to continue practices through transition to introduce full-ice concepts 



Steve Walker

KAMHA President